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Key Points:

· Earn 20% commission on all products sold through your professional Affiliate Link.

· This helps you earn commission from repeat purchases.

· No need to hold inventory or process orders. We do that for you!

· Signing up is easy (Instructions below).

You know how important available solutions are for your customers’ healing journey. Setting up an Affiliate Link for them to use is an easy way for you to support easy access to the product for your customers and earn from their online purchases whether you have a website or not.

Create a link on your website or put in emails, SMS, or social media posts for your customers to purchase online and we’ll do the rest – manage the sale, the inventory, and the delivery. The Affiliate program offers a 20% commission on product purchases through your Affiliate Link and subsequent purchases made when your link is used.

APPLY: TRU BLU MEDICAL Products Affiliate Program

Steps to Sign Up for a TRU BLU MEDICAL Products Affiliate Account:

Step 1 – Using the link above, complete and submit the online application. Please make a note of the email and password you set up. You will need this to access your Affiliate dashboard once it is approved.

Step 2 – You will receive an email letting you know your Affiliate account is pending.

Step 3 – Once your account has been approved, you will receive an email welcoming you to our Affiliate program. In that email, you will find a link to access your affiliate dashboard. This dashboard will track all of your sales. Please use the information you provided when signing up to log in.

Step 4 – To receive payment, we need to have an IRS W-9 form on file. We will be sending out a request to provide the W-9 through Docusign.

Step 5 – Questions may be directed to Erica

Step 6– Provide your link to patients/customers that are ordering and reordering TRU BLU MEDICAL Products.

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